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What is Neighborhood Barre?

The barre technique combines elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet strength training. The result is a challenging work out for all fitness levels that is easy on the joints, but hard on the muscles.


Neighborhood Barre is committed to creating an environment that is welcoming to all women while being a partner in helping them reach their goals. Whether you have been exercising for years or just starting out, the classes at Neighborhood Barre will challenge your muscles and lead to results.

Neighborhood Barre offers over 25 classes each week, including Barre Classic, BarreXpress, BarreHIIT, and BarreCore. Whatever your fitness goal or schedule, we have a class for you.

Classes can be purchased individually, in a package, or as a monthly membership. Click here for more information on purchasing classes and memberships.

What our Barre Belles have to say:

Through the encouragement of my dear friend, Ashley Averwater, I attended my first barre class! It had been over 20 years since I had done any type of exercise, due to chronic pain!  That first class sparked a passion in me that I cannot describe! I had never felt that way about anything that made me sweat that much! And here I am...100 classes later, and committed to consistency! If I had listened to the negativity in my head, I would have never gone the first time! Barre has changed the shape of my body...but more importantly...the shape of my “mind”! These classes are for every person...every age...every size...every physical issue....You CAN do this!  

Deanna S.

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5101 Sanderlin Ave #108, Memphis, TN 38117

(901) 295-9313  |  Call & Text

(901) 295-9313  |  Call & Text

5101 Sanderlin Ave #108, Memphis, TN 38117

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