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What would you tell someone who is nervous to try their first class?

Girl, do not be nervous. If you can get yourself through the door then that’s your first step. You will immediately feel the warmth of Nb Memphis and our sweet loving clients. We are here for you!!


What is your favorite Nb exercise?

 Fonda!! It is more like a love/hate relationship. I love it because you feel it working right away and can find that burn immediately. You KNOW your body is making changes!

Why did you want to become an instructor?

I wanted to pay it forward! Barre changed my life. It absolutely transformed my body and my mindset and that is something that I wish for all women to experience in this lifetime. I wanted people to understand that it is NEVER too late to take control of your life and your happiness. It is one of my greatest privileges to be able to walk side by side with our clients in their fitness journey and furthermore, their lives.


Why do you love Neighborhood Barre?

Where do I even begin? NB offers the most dynamic and efficient workouts you will ever find! And the community is INCREDIBLE. All different ages, personalities, fitness levels, backgrounds coming together to lift one another up and shine light into the world. We are not exclusive. Everyone belongs here. 



What would you tell someone who is nervous to try their first class?

It is perfectly normal to be nervous, but you have no reason to be! You will make friends FAST. It usually takes at least 3-4 classes to get the technique because it is so different than what most people are used to. Everyone in the room is there to encourage you, have fun, and we are all shaking together :) We offer many exercise modifications, so just show up and watch your body change! It truly is the "Neighborhood" Barre, and you can come in the door just as you are ;) 


Favorite Barre Move-

That so tough! Probably Diamond or Back Dancing, I LIVE FOR THE CIRCLES. 

Why do you love

Neighborhood Barre?

The people are so fun!

It always makes my day

when people feel the burn

 in class and start

shouting to pump each

other up! It’s such a great group of women who are always lifting each other



And of course, the results!!

NB has done wonders for

my thighs and seat :)


Favorite Barre Move-

Fonda 1000% I love all

the hip work. I’m always

sore after this one! 


What made you want to be an instructor? 

Barre is my very favorite workout! I'm so grateful for instructors who have taught me the proper form and technique. The more understanding I've gained, the more challenging it becomes. Barre has made me more confident in my own skin and made me grateful for all the things my body can do! I want to help others gain this same understanding and confidence to get the most out of each barre class. It brings me so much joy when an exercise clicks for a client! 


What is your favorite NB exercise?

I love ALL seat work! My current favorite is twisted pigeon. It is killer! 



Why do you love Neighborhood Barre?

The workout has changed my body! I’ve toned up things I thought were a lost cause after two kids. It’s low impact with high results! The overall environment is so encouraging and fun too.

What is your favorite NB exercise? 



Why do you love Neighborhood Barre?

Neighborhood Barre was my lucky find when I first moved to Memphis. It offers a low impact, yet intense work out that leaves my muscles shaking for the rest of the day! My favorite part of Neighborhood Barre is the network of women. They are constantly building each other up and pushing me to be a better version of myself both physically and mentally.


What is your favorite Nb exercise? 

All the Pretzels!


What made you want to be an instructor? 

 I started as a client and completely fell in love with the workout and other instructors and wanted to join in! I knew I wanted to help others with their fitness goals, and found that NB was the perfect place to do so! 


What is your favorite Nb exercise? 

 Side split! It truly targets my whole body, not just my glutes and I feel like I’m jazzeecising yet burning out my muscles and the same time!  



What made you want to be an instructor?

I have always loved fitness and helping others. I began taking NB classes in Knoxville as a college student and I always loved the atmosphere and workout. When I moved to Memphis I decided to take a chance and apply. Being an instructor is the best because we get to help others feel good about themselves every day! 


What is your favorite Nb exercise? 

I personally love the thigh section of the NB workout! My favorite exercise is inner thigh with the weight. I love anything that focuses on the inner thighs.

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