What is barre? And why is it effective?

The barre fitness method utilizes tiny movements that isolate specific muscle groups throughout the body. Barre combines elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet strength training with the goal of toning and elongating the muscles for that "dancer's physique".

Barre is both a highly effective and safe workout. While some workout programs involve heavy weights or repetitive motions that can carry a risk of injury to the joints or body, barre takes a different approach. The weights used are small, most commonly 2 and 3 pounds, and other props are frequently incorporated, including sliding disks and various tension bands.

By isolating muscle groups with specific movements throughout the workout, barre creates outstanding results. Slight modifications to the exercises, such as raising a heel or lifting a leg, ensures the workout is challenging to all fitness levels.

Expect a barre class at Neighborhood Barre to cover the entire body, including the legs, seat, core, arms, and shoulders. For more information, visit our website our join us at the studio for a free class.

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